How to care and wash Silk Clothes

Read the Care Label

When a fabric care label says “Dry Clean”, that is the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning method, but it may not be the only method available.

  • Hand washing silk clothing is often an acceptable alternative.
  • “Dry Clean only”, however, should be strictly adhered to.
  • First do a little colour fastness test

Hand Wash Silk Clothes in Cold Water

Fill a clean sink or small tub with cold water and a small amount of liquid detergent, lightly agitate for three to five minutes and rinse well.

If the care label advises machine washing, choose a gentle, cold-water cycle.

Avoid the Dryer

Lay wet silk clothes flat onto a clean dry towel and roll it up in the towel to rid excess moisture. Unroll and repeat using a second dry towel, then lay flat on a drying rack or dry towel.