Tips to keep sports outfits clean and odor free

Here are a few laundry tips that will keep sporting outfits fresh and clean while we get set in our new healthy life.

Fight sweat stains. Classic, low-tech cotton tees may be the comfiest workout shirts. But they do tend to absorb sweat and may well show sweat stains. To combat this, turn your shirt inside out and pre-treat the underarm areas with detergent. Let it sit for 30 minutes, and then wash in the hottest water safe for the fabric. If the stain persists, repeat the process before drying.

Use the right detergent. Try using a detergent that’s specifically formulated to handle tough stains like grass, dirt, clay and blood while also eliminating odor. Shower detergent is designed to provide the brilliant stain removal.

Don’t wait to wash. Don’t leave your sportswear in a duffel bag after a workout or game. Since bacteria love to grow in moist places, make sure that your sportswear dries as quickly and efficiently as possible, even if you’re planning to wash it later. If it’s a sunny day, move equipment outside so that it dries faster.

Refresh your gym bag with dryer sheets. Your gym bag can start to retain the odors’ of the workout gear inside it. Place a couple of dryer sheets in your bag for a quick and easy fix that will keep it smelling fresh.