How To Handle Tough Stains


some stains are easy to remove but some tough stains seem to stay on our clothes forever. Now it’s time to say goodbye to even the most difficult marks with our comprehensive stain removal guide.

Tough stains

Adhesives – including glue and nail varnish

Stains can come quite unexpectedly – it could be while working on a school project or doing your nails at the weekend. Dab nail varnish remover onto the affected piece of material (except on synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester), then wash with detergent according to fabric care labels and washing instructions


A stain you would really want to avoid, but when it does come up you don’t want the unexpected stain left hanging around, so remove as much as possible under running cold water. Soak in water overnight with a small dose of Shower Detergent then wash as normal.

Candle wax

While the glow can be beautiful and even romantic, the wax on your tablecloth can really spoil your mood at dinner. Peel off any surface wax then sandwich the fabric between sheets of blotting paper or kitchen towels. Use a warm iron to press down on the back of the fabric. Then wash as normal according to the fabric care label.

Shoe polish

We bet your shoes want to enjoy the pampering shoe polish, not your clothes, but when a drop of polish lands on your shirt you still have nothing to worry about. Simply pre-treat the stain with Shower and leave for one hour. Then wash as normal at the hottest temperature indicated on the care label.

Chewing gum

Have you ever asked yourself the difficult question - How did it get there? While you’re solving the mystery, let us save the day. Gum is easier to remove when it’s hard, so place the affected item into a bag in the freezer, or put ice onto the gum. Once it’s hardened, you’ll find it breaks off quite easily. Then pre-treat the area with Shower before washing as normal.


While many consider this a difficult stain, let us help you with some tips. Rinse fresh blood immediately with cold water then wash in Shower detergent.

Kitchen stains

Of course, it’s always the kitchen where most stains happen. Don’t worry; our detergent is here to help you get rid of them.

Butter / cooking oil / grease

Slippery stains always create a lot of hassle? Pre-treat the stain with detergent Paste and leave for one hour to settle. Then wash as normal at the hottest temperature indicated on the care label and washing instructions.

Baby food

Whether stain is on your clothes or your baby’s, soak the garment in warm water with shower Detergent, then wash as the care label instructs


Biting into that juicy, fresh fruit can sometimes lead to a stain accident on your favorite clothes. Soak the stained garment in cold water for an hour, and then wash with Shower Detergent.

Milk / Desserts / Chocolate / ice cream / Jam

Soak the garment in warm water containing Shower Detergent, then wash according to the fabric care label.

Spices – including chili / curry / mustard

The heart & soul of our food – how can we do without it? With our help, you can always feel free to enjoy the precious moment in the kitchen and never fear the stains. In case of a stained garment, the solution is simple: soak in warm water containing Shower Detergent, then wash according to the fabric care label.

Tomato / ketchup / sauce

Whether it’s with samosas, pizza, pasta or even mouth watering paratha, People do face these stains sometimes. But no worries soak for one hour in cold water. Pre-treat the stain with Detergent paste and then wash as normal according to the fabric care label.